2024 Conference - Waikato University 25th - 27th November - call for abstracts now open


Our initial aims

  • Facilitate and support scholarship, research, policy and practice of wellbeing in educational settings

  • Strengthen educational research in Aotearoa New Zealand in wellbeing, drawing on te ao Mà„ori, Pasifika, and Western worldviews

  • Build relationships, partnerships and networks of those interested in wellbeing in education

  • Foster a community of emerging and established scholars and practitioners that span diverse disciplines, educational sectors, to advocate nationally and internationally for wellbeing in education

  • Advocate for a research-informed wellbeing focus in educational reform


The rationale for this SIG is to facilitate and support wellbeing education toward the well-being of individuals, groups, organisations and society through practice, theory, and research focusing on the integration of physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions of experience.

For the purposes of this SIG, wellbeing education is defined as:

Wellbeing education is a diverse and evolving notion. Wellbeing education is situated in complex informal and formal learning contexts for individual and collective growth. Wellbeing education acknowledges and values whole people: our physical, emotional, mental, social, cultural, and spiritual wellbeing, including our thoughts, feelings, hopes, values, strengths, shadows, and their interconnectedness with the community of life. The interconnected community of life includes the wellbeing of families, schools, communities, organisations, cultures, humanity, and the planet as an undivided whole. Furthermore, the interconnectedness moves beyond a fixed point of time towards honouring the gifts of previous generations as well as championing the wellbeing of those yet to come. (Goodall, Nicoll Antipas, Cann & Higgins, 2022)

Research Interests

Holistic Wellbeing, Indigenous Wellbeing, Contemplative Practices, Mindfulness-Based Practices, Positive Education, Positive Psychology, Trauma-Informed Pedagogy, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), Appreciative Inquiry, Student, Teacher, Leader and Schoolwide Wellbeing, Growth and Benefit Mindset.

2024 Co-Convenors

Suskya Goodall

Joanna Higgins