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National educational research organisation

 As a national organisation, NZARE connects those interested in educational research, tertiary institutions, schools and early childhood centres, government agencies such as the Ministry of Education, and the New Zealand Council for Research in Education.

International educational research organisation 

NZARE has established international links with the British Educational Research Association [BERA], Australian Association for Research in Education [AARE], the Canadian Society for the Study of Children [CSSE], and American Educational Research Association [AERA]. Further links presently are being forged with other international research organisations so that we may network for the common goal of promoting excellence in education research.

Educational research dissemination 

NZARE organises annual conferences and seminars on educational research where participants drawn from New Zealand and overseas share new research and engage in academic and professional debate. Members also receive input  - He Pātaka Tuku Kōrero, the newsletter of NZARE, as well as the New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies which publishes quality refereed papers of special interest to those in education.

Caucus Communities 

NZARE has established caucuses to promote and serve the interests of Māori, Pasifika and Students/emerging researchers in education research.

Special Interest Groups (SIG) for educational research 

NZARE has made provision for the development of special interest groups (SIG) within the Association. The inaugural SIG for early childhood education was established in 2008. Further SIGs have been established for a wide range of special topics. These are detailed on the SIG page.

Honouring excellence in educational research 

The NZARE fosters excellence in research through a range of awards. These include awards for excellence in postgraduate and doctoral theses; for high-quality research involving Māori, and Pasifika; for innovative group-based research; and to individuals who have made considerable contributions to educational research.

Nau mai, tauti mai ki Te Hunga Rangahau Mātauranga o Aotearoa – Welcome to NZARE

The New Zealand Association for Research in Education aims to foster excellence in educational research in Aotearoa New Zealand. Its membership is made up of established and new researchers from a variety of organisations in New Zealand and overseas.

NZARE aims 

  • Provides a forum for networking in the area of educational research in New Zealand and equivalent organisations internationally

  • Strengthens educational research in Aotearoa

  • Runs seminars and workshops on topical issues

  • Recognises excellence in educational research at all levels from postgraduate study to career achievement, through its awards scheme

  • Supports the development of kaupapa Māori approaches in educational research

  • Supports the development of Pasifika approaches in educational research

  • Supports senior educational research students & emerging researchers

  • Publishes the refereed and respected NZ Journal of Educational Studies

  • Publishes an informal newsletter to members

  • Provides a forum for focussed networking through its Special Interest Groups

  • Organises an annual national conference for the presentation and discussion of educational research.


The New Zealand Association for Research in Education (NZARE) was established in December, 1979 and its membership consists of individuals and organisations with an interest in educational research. A brief History of the Association was prepared by Dr Geraldine McDonald in her address to the 2006 NZARE Conference “ A spirited beginning: The origins of the New Zealand Association for Research in Education see Herbison Lectures.

Photo: Participants at Early Childhood Education meeting 1977

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