2024 Conference - Waikato University 25th - 27th November - call for abstracts now open


We are still looking for new leadership for this group. Please contact nzare.eo@gmail.com and robyn.caygill@education.govt.nz if you would be interested in supporting the leadership of this group.

We also need to discuss if this group is still needed as a special interest group of NZARE. Would you like this group to continue? If the answer is yes, we want to find a better name to easily describe this group. 

Our first activity for 2024 will be a meeting to discuss the future of the group. This is expected to take place in May or June 2024. An invite will be sent to current members of the special interest group. If you are an NZARE member, but not a member of the SIG, and would like to be included in this meeting, please send an email to the above addresses. 

December 2023 update

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for this SIG was held during NZARE conference 2023.

During this meeting we discussed:

Leadership for the SIG - no volunteers were found.

Renaming and refocusing the SIG - no agreement was reached.

Activities for 2024 - still to be decided.

What is NZCARN currently?

The NZ Centre for Action Research Network aims to foster and enhance collaborative action research in New Zealand; to promote and disseminate practitioner action research; to renew, and extend, relationships with the international action research community through Centre for Action Research (CARN); and hence to enhance New Zealand’s presence internationally and increase opportunities for collaborative international projects.

The SIG intends to encourage and expand networks of academics, postgraduate students and practitioners with an interest in action research. It is intended for those with an interest in Action Research, Critical Action Research, Practitioner Action Research and Appreciative Inquiry.