2024 Conference - Waikato University 25th - 27th November - call for abstracts now open


The Learning Environment is the context in which teaching and learning occurs. This SIG has a primary focus on research that examines the context of learning, including physical, social, and/or digital environments. Members of this SIG are interested in educational research that examines the building and interior design of learning spaces, the social environment of the classroom, and virtual or online learning environments. 

Each year research is shared at the NZARE annual meeting, with the SIG AGM scheduled at this time. There is usually a second event that occurs during the year. Contact the SIG leaders to be added to the mailing list to be informed of upcoming events or to share relevant learning environments news or events.

2024 Co-Convenors

Associate Professor Louise Starkey

Associate Professor Louise Starkey, School of Education, Te Herenga Waka, Victoria University of Wellington.

Louise is interested in the future of education. She is interested in complexity theory, educational policy and practice associated with teaching and learning in the digital age. Her research includes policy and practice in the schooling and university sectors, including learning environments in a digital age.


Associate Professor Michael Donn

Associate Professor Michael Donn, Wellington School of Architecture, Te Herenga Waka, Victoria University of Wellington.

Michael is interested in the performance of buildings as enhancers of people‚Äôs health and well-being.  He has expertise in the environmental quality of indoor spaces.