2024 Conference - Waikato University 25th - 27th November - call for abstracts now open


The aim of the assessment SIG is to draw together NZARE members who are interested in aspects of assessment in the early childhood, compulsory school, tertiary or adult education sector. This will include researchers, postgraduate students, lecturers and others working in the broader educational sector. We hope that through these SIG discussions about research projects, policy initiatives and debates, a broader discussion about changes in the international landscape can take place.

If you have any suggestions for collaborative research, activities, or events that you feel this SIG could look at then please contact us.

2024 Co-Convenors

Stephen McConnachie

Stephen is an education consultant based in Ōtautahi Christchurch. He works with schools and tertiary providers to support their e-learning programmes, their leadership development, and the overlap between the two. He is also a founding member of the Waitaha Digital Equity Network working towards digital equity in the Waitaha region. Stephen’s research interests include e-learning, digital equity, educational leadership, and assessment and curriculum design for 21st-century education.


Robyn Caygill

Robyn is Chief Advisor in Te Pou Kaupapahere (Policy). Robyn started her career as a secondary maths teacher. When investigating that perennial question “where is this maths used in the real world?” she accidentally fell into her second career in research. Not surprisingly she did a lot of research in maths education and outcomes for learners, but her work spanned the curriculum and age groups from primary through into secondary. Her work included the large-scale national and international studies: NEMP, PIRLS, PISA, and TIMSS. Robyn was National Research Coordinator for TIMSS from 2006 to 2018. After a secondment to policy, where she discovered how her research was used, she began her third career in the policy group in the Ministry.