Monday 14th  - Wednesday 16th NOVEMBER 2022



The Mighty Triangle: The strength of the research-policy-practice triangle for addressing local, national, and global challenges.

Te Aonui: Ko te whaitikanga o te whakakotahi mai i ēnei mea, i te rangahau, i te kaupapa here me te whakaako hei ngao matariki e whakatikahia ai ngā take ā-hāpori, ā-motu, nō te ao whānui anō hoki.


NZARE aims to foster excellence in educational research in Aotearoa New Zealand. When the Government laid out its priorities for education, the Statement of National Education and Learning Priorities (NELP) and the Tertiary Education Strategy (TES), these included enhancing the contribution of research, as well as te reo and mātauranga Māori, in addressing local, national, and global challenges. These priorities deliberately encompass the whole education system from ECE through to Tertiary education. They aim at an inclusive education system, that fosters cultural identity and wellbeing for all.

This year’s conference theme focuses on the research, policy, and practice triangle. In architecture, triangles are considered the strongest shape, because they are capable of holding their shape, have a strong base, and provide immense support ( Our theme allows us to ask questions about what our local, national, and global challenges are, how we think we are going towards addressing them, what we think will work best in addressing them and so on. It allows us to think big and to focus specifically on educational policy and practice in New Zealand, particularly for those that have not been well-served by our system. The NELP and TES invite us to think inclusively and to challenge the status quo of all groups within the framework provided by Te Tiriti. 

Education researchers, policy makers, and practitioners all have important roles in building a resilient system through a strong triangle and all are welcome at our conference