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Me tau pōike, tau atu, tau atu - Learning in Crises

The Māori text, “Me tau pōike, tau atu, tau atu’, drawn from a line of Sir Timoti Kāretu’s ngeri ‘Ki mai nei a Te Wharehuia’, steers us when working towards equilibrium, a state of equipoise - living in balance.  COVID-19 is a global existential crisis. Further crises in education include the impacts of climate change and systemic issues such as racism, cultural and gender related inequities and disparities between economically advantaged and other learners. These intersecting crises threaten to keep us in an unjust space of dis-equilibrium or imbalance. A key current challenge is to use what we have learnt from responding to the COVID-19 crisis to improve education for all, moving towards an equitable equilibrium. To learn and then to act is the mission of educators.

2021 Conference Host 

Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington


Due to Covid-19 and the delta variant  

the Conference will be held 100% online 


Conference organiser

For the first time, the Executive Officer will be taking on the role of the conference organiser.  Our new website allows NZARE to organise conference in-house.  It is an exciting time for NZARE and we look forward to this challenge in 2021.   

The role of the conference organiser is to assist in implementing the vision and goals of the conference committee.  




2021 Conference Committee

Jenny Ritchie 

Conference Convenor 2021  contact 

 Meegan Hall - Te Herenga Waka 


 Emma Cunningham - Manukau Institute of Technology 

 Mere Skerrett  - Te Herenga Waka 


 Pine Southon - Te Herenga Waka 


Peng Xu - Student & Emerging Researcher -  Te Herenga Waka 

Robyn Caygill - Ministry of Education 


 Martyn Reynolds - Researcher 


Mira Peter - Ministry of Education


Bronwyn Wood - Te Herenga Waka