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One of NZARE’s aims is to support the development of educational researchers, including post-graduate students. In addition to the general benefits of membership, benefits for students include:

  • Networking possibilities through the membership directory (see Membership page)
  • Awards that recognise high achievement in educational research
  • Reduced membership fee
  • Active support for Maori and Pasifika education researchers
  • Support to attend the annual NZARE conference
  • Student representation on the NZARE council
  • Making contact with other student members
  • Share new and in-progress thesis studies in the Input newsletter.

Bridget PercyYour 2013 representative on the NZARE council is Bridget Percy from the Massey University


» Welcome Message from the 2013 NZARE Student Rep (PDF, 58KB)

communication from the student representative

» Join the NZARE Student Mailing List for all updates on student affairs

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post graduate student workshop

The NZARE Student Caucus held a half day workshop for post graduate students interested in educational research in Wellington on 29 June at the Karori Campus of Victoria University.


» Sue Balandin: Structuring your writing (PDF, 66KB)

» Sue Balandin: Mixed Method Research (PDF, 279KB)

» Carmen Dalli: Qualitative Analysis (PDF, 913KB)

Student Awards


The Rae Munro Award honours the outstanding contribution of Dr Raeside Munro to educational research and teaching practice. It is awarded annually for an excellent Masters-level thesis by a student member in an area which has implications for teacher education or classroom practice. The Award was first conferred in 1996. More about the Rae Munro Award...


The Sutton-Smith Doctoral Award honours Brian Sutton-Smith. Professor Sutton-Smith was awarded the first Education PhD in New Zealand in 1954. The Sutton-Smith Doctoral Award will be awarded annually for an excellent Doctoral thesis by an NZARE member. The Award was offered for the first time in 2006. More about the Sutton-Smith Doctoral Award...

Student Membership Criteria

Eligible students are those enrolled in a tertiary institution at least half-time and in paid employed less than half-time. The membership form is available on the membership page.


Student Travel GRANTs for annual conference

Each year NZARE encourages student members to attend the annual conference by making travel grants available. Here's how to qualify for an grant:

  • Be a paid up student member of NZARE enrolled at least half-time and in less than half-time paid employment

  • Be the first author of a paper or poster that has been accepted for presentation at that conference

Please note the closing date for call for papers. Simply go to the Conferences page and click on the link to that year's conference website. Here you choose the button "Call for Papers" and fill in the form. You can choose to be part of a symposium or to present a refereed or non-refereed paper or poster. Having a paper or poster accepted is a prerequisite for being awarded a student travel grant. In the first instance, you need only send the title of the paper/poster and an abstract. If the paper/poster is refereed, the full paper is usually due 1 August. If non-refereed, your paper is due soon after the conference as advised on the conference website. Please check the NZARE Guidelines for Papers on the conference website for more details.

Stefan presenting Stefan explaining

Doctoral student, Stefan Rethfeldt, presenting a paper at the 2006 NZARE conference

The student travel grant covers the early student registration fee for the conference and offers a contribution towards travelling expenses at the lowest fare. To obtain a grant you needed to fill in and return the application form before 25 October the year of the conference.

Download the Student Travel Grant application form:

Student Travel Grant application form (PDF, 86 KB)


Annual Student Dinner

A 'Sharing Journeys' annual student gathering presents a valuable opportunity to connect with and establish relationships within the graduate student body of educational research, New Zealand.

Annual student dinner

The most recent annual ‘Sharing Journeys’ student dinner/gathering was held at the Abracadabra restaurant in Rotorua. These gatherings present a valuable opportunity to connect with and establish relationships within the graduate student body of educational research, New Zealand. The event is open to all students attending the conference (members and prospective members, full-time or part-time students and visiting students from overseas), and consists of an informal dinner/gathering at which stories are told, friendships are formed and student-related issues are discussed.

For your notice board

You are invited to download these pdf files which provides information about NZARE and the benefits to student educational researchers. You may assist us by printing it (preferably in colour) and placing it on your faculty notice board.

» Official NZARE Student Brochure (PDF, 196 KB)

» "Be Heard" flyer (PDF, 60 KB)


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