NZARE Conference 2018 - Shaping our Futures- Call for Abstracts now open 26 Nov 2018

NZARE Conference 2018 

Mon 26-Weds 28 November 2018, Manukau, Auckland


Shaping our futures: Celebrating transformative educational research, policy, and pedagogies that foster the wellbeing of people and planet.


Whakatauaki: Maui Taumata Rau

Education in Aotearoa is undergoing a much needed paradigm shift. Research is playing a key role in facilitating that shift. By highlighting the flexibility, versatility, speed and agility with which creative minds, spirits, and bodies living and playing in today’s education settings are able to co-construct our tomorrows, our shared visions, hopes and dreams. That is the stuff of transformation. Just like our ancestor Maui who was able to create land, transform ways of being, slow down the sun, and even bravely challenge the cycles of life and death, we too have to continue to be brave, risky and revolutionary in order to collaboratively shape and reshape thinking, futures and the ‘good’ life for all members of our societies.

Maui Taumata Rau: Maui is a Maori hero of some significance from Asia to Aotearoa; Maui of many journeys, Maui of many deeds, Maui of many faces. The whakatauaki[1] (proverbial saying) brings to the consciousness these imperatives of challenge, to make a difference; to be just like Maui.


Call for Abstracts 

The closing date for abstract submission is 5.00pm on Tuesday 7 August 2018.

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[1] This whakatauaki was gifted to the Conference by Hana Skerrett-White of Ngai Tahu, Ngati Koata, Ngati Tama, Ngati Maniapoto and Ngati Pikiao